20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (2022)

Grilled chicken and lean meats are great picks for dinner, but make sure you have a stash of quick and healthy fish recipes you love for when you're short on time. One of the great things about most types of fish is that they cook very quickly. If you want to make a delicious fish dish but don't have more than 15 minutes to spare, then read ahead.

Fish is not only delicious but is also high in protein and omega-3s. Omega-3s, according to research, can help lower the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as inflammation in the body. Meanwhile, shellfish may help raise immunity levels and aid in weight loss.

Here are 20 delicious fish recipes that incorporate healthy and wholesome ingredients to make when you are low on time.

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Grilled Mahi Mahi with Salsa Verde

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (1)

Homemade salsa verde, which is made using lemon juice, capers, and parsley, brightens up grilled Mahi Mahi in this fast and easy recipe that takes under 15 minutes to put together. Hint: If you want your fish to have crispy, crunchy skin be sure to start off by grilling it on the skin side down first.

Get our recipe for Grilled Mahi Mahi with Salsa Verde.

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Grilled Calamari Salad

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (3)

Grilled calamari only sounds complicated to make. This recipe, which takes under 15 minutes from start to finish, is the perfect dish to make when you are trying to impress friends and family.

Get our recipe for Grilled Calamari Salad.


Grilled Salmon

(Video) 5-Ingredient Healthy Recipes in 15 Minutes
20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (4)

Need a simple grilled salmon recipe that takes just mere minutes to make? Then look no further. This recipe, which simplifies the process of grilling fish, is the perfect one to have on hand when you don't have hours to devote to making dinner. Serve it with a Caesar salad or some steamy soup for a healthy, yet satisfying, meal.

Get the recipe from The Seasoned Mom.

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (5)

This spicy tuna avocado fish taco recipe, which is perfect to make on a busy weeknight or for a dinner with friends, gets its mouthwatering flavor by using a combination of chipotle pepper, lime juice, pickled red onions, and hot sauce. We imagine that this would pair well with a crunchy side salad or steamed vegetables and rice.

Get our recipe for Spicy Tuna Avocado Fish Taco.


Blackened Fish Sandwich

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (6)

Only have 15 minutes to spare and need to make a meal? Then read ahead. This blackened fish sandwich, which is made using plain Greek-style yogurt, tilapia filets, and whole-wheat sesame seed buns, can be whipped up in just minutes.

Get our recipe for Blackened Fish Sandwich.


Air-Fryer Coconut Shrimp

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (7)

Air-fryers are at it again. This air-fryer coconut shrimp recipe, which can be put together in under 10 minutes, is the perfect dish to make when you want a comforting dish full of flavor and texture. This recipe works well as an appetizer, served over a fresh salad, or as an entree alongside mashed potatoes and sauteed veggies.

Get our recipe for Air-Fryer Coconut Shrimp.

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Scrambled Eggs with Salmon, Asparagus, and Goat Cheese

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (8)

This recipe marries together a variety of delicious ingredients, such as smoked salmon and goat cheese, to create an egg dish that really can be enjoyed during any time of the day. Feel free to add in additional vegetables, such as chopped zucchini or diced onion, for an even bigger flavor boost.

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Get our recipe for Scrambled Eggs with Salmon, Asparagus, and Goat Cheese.


Honey Mustard Glazed Grilled Salmon

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (9)

Honey mustard, which tastes great in sandwiches and pairs well with chicken tenders, proves that it also makes a great fish sauce in this Honey Mustard Glazed Grilled Salmon recipe. Made using Dijon mustard, brown sugar, honey, and soy sauce, this dish is packed with both flavor and protein.

Get our recipe for Honey Mustard Glazed Grilled Salmon.

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Chili Glazed Salmon

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (10)

This simple salmon recipe, which calls for chili sauce and fresh grated ginger, has just 330 calories per serving. This meal is so flavorful that you may want to make extra!

Get our recipe for Chili Glazed Salmon.


Fish Piccata with Crispy Mashed Potatoes

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (11)

Piccata and potatoes? Sign us up! This fish piccata meal, which is made using white fish filets, white wine, and fresh lemon juice, is packed with 18 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber per serving.

Get the recipe from Recipe Tin Eats.


Smashed Avocado Fish Tacos

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (12)

Avocados and grilled fish prove, once again, that they are a match made in foodie heaven. The secret to this simple recipe is in the details—for instance, the lime juice in this dish adds an extra dimension to its flavor palate and compliments both the avocado and fish wonderfully.

Get the recipe from What's Gaby Cooking.


Skinny Shrimp Scampi

(Video) WEEKLY VLOG: target hauls, easy meal prep, new kitten, trying cava for the first time
20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (13)

Bring the Italian restaurant right into your home with this shrimp scampi recipe. Made using whole wheat pasta noodles, thinly sliced shallots, lemon zest, and garlic, this lip-puckering dinner dish is not only simple to make but is also a healthier alternative to takeout versions that are often packed with sugar and salt.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.

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Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (14)

This sweet potato salmon cake recipe uses canned wild salmon, panko bread crumbs, egg, and sweet potato to make simple cakes that take under 15 minutes to make. These taste great served over a bed of rice and grains or alongside a salad drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Get the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.


Creamy Salmon Risoni

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (15)

This creamy salmon risoni recipe, which is made using orzo pasta, chicken broth, fresh grated Parmesan, and hot-smoked salmon, is the perfect meal to make when you are looking to indulge in a comforting, yet protein-packed, dish. For instance, each serving has nearly 30 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber.

Get the recipe from Recipe Tin Eats.

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20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (16)

This 15-minute jumbo shrimp recipe gets its mouthwatering flavor from a mixture of Cajun seasoning, melted butter, and minced garlic. This dish works great for when you have people over to watch the big game or are just looking for a cozy meal to enjoy at home.

Get the recipe from Half Baked Harvest.


Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (17)

These pinwheels, which are made using smoked salmon, dill, cream cheese, and fresh spinach, prove that you only need a few minutes, and a handful of simple ingredients, to put together a great recipe that doesn't skimp on flavor.

(Video) Easy 20 Minute Oven Baked Trout Recipe - How to Fillet Baked Trout

Get the recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.


Garlic Basil Butter Seared Scallops

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (18)

Quick and easy seared scallops, dressed in a garlic basil butter sauce, are a great addition to any meal. Serve alongside lemony rice, atop sauteed greens, or as an appetizer.

Get the recipe from Inspired Taste.

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Lemon Butter Grouper Fish Tacos

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (19)

This fast, one-skillet group fish taco recipe, which is full of grainy mustard, shredded cheddar, and citrusy lemon juice, takes just 10 minutes to make from start to finish. Prepare it with a side of creamy potato salad or steamed vegetables for a tasty dinner.

Get the recipe from Averie Cooks.


Blackened Tilapia

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (20)

A variety of spices, such as cumin, oregano, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and thyme, help make this blackened tilapia recipe one that may just become your new weeknight go-to. Ready in just 10 minutes, this delicious dish pairs well with sauteed vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes.

Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven.


Ginger Shrimp Snow Pea Stir Fry

20 Quick and Healthy Fish Recipes You Can Make in 15 Minutes (or Less!) — Eat This Not That (21)

Ginger, garlic powder, and ponzu meld together to create a stir-fry sauce that is undeniably delicious. From the stovetop to the table in just 10 minutes, this tasty shrimp dish is a lifesaver during those busy weeknights when you may be low on time and energy.

Get the recipe from Little Spice Jar.

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What is the healthiest fish to eat? ›

6 of the Healthiest Fish to Eat
  1. Albacore Tuna (troll- or pole-caught, from the US or British Columbia) ...
  2. Salmon (wild-caught, Alaska) ...
  3. Oysters (farmed) ...
  4. Sardines, Pacific (wild-caught) ...
  5. Rainbow Trout (farmed) ...
  6. Freshwater Coho Salmon (farmed in tank systems, from the US)
16 Nov 2018

What is the healthiest way to cook fish? ›

Poaching and steaming are low-temperature cooking methods that may preserve healthy omega-3 fatty acids better than other methods.

What are the healthy ways of preparing fish dishes? ›

Baked or broiled, steamed or poached, your fish dishes will turn out moist and delicious every time.
Be sure to check out these top-rated fish recipes, and don't miss our tips on how to buy fresh fish.
  • Grilled Fish. When you're grilling fish, keep a close watch. ...
  • Poached Fish. ...
  • Steamed Fish. ...
  • Broiled Fish. ...
  • Baked Fish.
24 Sept 2014

What can I make to eat in 10 minutes? ›

55 Healthy Recipes to Make in 10-Minutes (or Less)
  1. Chicken Burger With Sun-Dried Tomato Aioli.
  2. Veggie Scramble With Mushrooms, Spinach and Goat Cheese.
  3. Chinese Chicken Salad.
  4. Savory Waffle With Ham and Egg.
  5. Seared Scallops With White Beans and Spinach.
  6. Gnocchi With Peas and Prosciutto.
  7. Grilled Flank Steak With Chimichurri.
3 Oct 2022

Which fish is best for weight loss? ›

Best: Lean Fish

Lean seafood has fewer calories than the fatty kind -- and lots of protein. For example, low-fat fish like tilapia, cod, flounder, and sole have fewer than 120 calories in a 3-ounce serving and give you plenty of protein.

What is the tastiest fish? ›

What Is the Best Fish to Eat?
  • Cod. Taste: Cod has a very mild, milky flavor. ...
  • Sole. Taste: Sole is another fish with a mild, almost sweet flavor. ...
  • Halibut. Taste: Halibut has a sweet, meaty flavor that's widely popular. ...
  • Sea Bass. Taste: Sea bass has a very mild, delicate flavor. ...
  • Trout. ...
  • Salmon.
14 Jan 2020

Is it healthier to bake or fry fish? ›

Baked or boiled fish is a better source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than fried, salted or dried fish, according to a new study.

Is it better to fry fish in butter or oil? ›

Butter or oil for fish

Fry fish in a mixture of oil and butter, it creates more heat resistant frying fat. The oil should go in first. Wait until the butter stops spluttering and baste the fish during frying. Once you have fried a piece of fish in butter, you've virtually created your sauce in the pan.

What is the healthiest way to cook white fish? ›

Sautéing, or pan frying, is another speedy way to cook fish without the added fat that typically comes with deep frying. It's best for white fish.

What are some different ways to cook fish? ›

Basic Fish Cooking Techniques
  • Sautéing. Sautéing is probably the easiest way to prepare fish. ...
  • Baking or Roasting. Baking is done at a more moderate temperature (350) and roasting at a much higher temperature (400 to 500). ...
  • Broiling. ...
  • Poaching. ...
  • Grilling.

How can I make fish at home? ›

5 Easy Ways To Cook Fish - YouTube

What can I cook in 5 minutes? ›

5-minute meals recipes
  • Storecupboard pasta salad. A star rating of 4.4 out of 5. ...
  • Pan-fried camembert sandwich. A star rating of 4.6 out of 5. ...
  • Prawn & coconut soup. ...
  • Ultimate French omelette. ...
  • Chicken wrap with sticky sweet potato, salad leaves & tomatoes. ...
  • Creamy tomato courgetti. ...
  • Speedy tuna pasta salad. ...
  • Easy pea & mint soup.

How can I shrink my stomach fast? ›

Here's how to whittle down where it matters most.
  1. Try curbing carbs instead of fats. ...
  2. Think eating plan, not diet. ...
  3. Keep moving. ...
  4. Lift weights. ...
  5. Become a label reader. ...
  6. Move away from processed foods. ...
  7. Focus on the way your clothes fit more than reading a scale. ...
  8. Hang out with health-focused friends.

Is canned tuna healthy? ›

Is canned tuna fish good for you? Yes, canned tuna is a healthful food rich in protein and contains many vitamins and minerals such as B-Complex vitamins, Vitamins A and D as well as iron, selenium and phosphorus. Tuna also contains healthy omega 3 essential fatty acids DHA and EPA.

What is the least smelly fish? ›

Pacific cod has an impressively mild and sweet taste. Likewise, there isn't a strong smell from it either, making it an excellent choice to begin with. Pacific Cod is a perfect fish to begin with if you aren't sure you'll like fish. It has a pretty neutral taste, and you won't get strong fish odors at all from it.

What fish is red? ›

SpeciesOther common names
Centroberyx affinisRedfish, eastern nannygai
Etelis oculatusQueen snapper
Lutjanus buccanellaBlackfin snapper
Lutjanus campechanusRed snapper
12 more rows

Is tilapia a real fish? ›

What is tilapia? The name tilapia actually refers to several species of mostly freshwater fish that belong to the cichlid family. Although wild tilapia are native to Africa, the fish has been introduced throughout the world and is now farmed in over 135 countries (1).

Which fish is lowest in mercury? ›

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans states that to consume those higher amounts, children should only be fed fish from the “Best Choices” list that are even lower in mercury – these fish are anchovies, Atlantic mackerel, catfish, clams, crab, crawfish, flounder, haddock, mullet, oysters, plaice, pollock, salmon, ...

Is frozen fish healthy? ›

Frozen fish is just as nutritious as fresh fish, according to the Natural Fisheries Institute. For fish that is properly frozen right after harvest, like our barramundi, the nutritional value, moisture, and taste is completely preserved.

What is the best fish to eat for protein? ›

What Seafood is high in Protein?
  • Pollack - 17.4G (per 100g) ...
  • Cod - 17.5G (per 100g) ...
  • Prawns - 17.6G (per 100g) ...
  • Sardines - 19.8G (per 100g) ...
  • Salmon - 20.4G (per 100g) ...
  • Crab - 20.5G (per 100g) ...
  • Halibut - 21.5G (per 100g) ...
  • Lobster - 22.1G (per 100g)
30 Oct 2018

Can dogs eat fish? ›

So Can Dogs Eat Fish? To make a long story short, yes, dogs can eat fish, and fish can be a part of a healthy diet for your dog, provided it is fully cooked without any additional oils and seasonings, does not contain any bones, and is not a species prone to high levels of mercury such as tuna.

Can I eat salmon while pregnant? ›

Eat a variety of seafood that's low in mercury and high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as: Salmon.

Is walleye safe during pregnancy? ›

In addition to those fish already cited by the FDA, the groups recommend that pregnant women avoid nine others: tuna steaks, sea bass, Gulf Coast oysters, marlin, halibut, pike, walleye, white croaker -- also known as the Pacific croaker -- and largemouth bass.

What is the cleanest meat? ›

Healthiest options: turkey and chicken

Keep in mind poultry is healthiest if you remove the skin, which is the fattiest part. “Once the skin is off, the difference between white meat and dark meat is negligible in terms of fat and calories, so go for the one you like,” says Schiff.

What meat is most unhealthiest? ›

Which Meats Should You Avoid?
  • hot dogs.
  • ham.
  • sausages.
  • corned beef.
  • beef jerky.
  • canned meat.
  • meat-based preparations and sauces (e.g. certain kinds of Bolognese)
26 Oct 2015

Who eats pork? ›

Worldwide pork consumption
United States9,0138,654
16 more rows

Which frozen fish is healthiest? ›

White fish such as hoki or tarakihi has lots of omega-3, and oily fish such as salmon or tuna has even more. We recommend choosing products with 200mg or more omega-3 per 100g.

Is it OK to cook fish from frozen? ›

You can skip the thawing process altogether and cook frozen fish straight from the freezer. You'll have to add a few minutes to the cook time in your recipe to account for the lack of thawing, but you can poach, steam, bake, broil, or grill fish straight from the freezer!

Does freezing fish ruin it? ›

Many people freeze fish in water, and this causes fish to lose some of its flavor when defrosted. Fresh, and the emphasis is on 'fresh', (store bought or fresh catch) fish freeze well for up to six months if stored in an airtight method (fatty fish like salmon and trout; only three months).

Can I eat fish every day? ›

But is it safe to eat fish every day? “For most individuals it's fine to eat fish every day,” says Eric Rimm, professor of epidemiology and nutrition, in an August 30, 2015 article on Today.com, adding that “it's certainly better to eat fish every day than to eat beef every day.”

Which fish is high in omega-3? ›

Good omega-3-rich fish options include:
  • Salmon.
  • Sardine.
  • Atlantic mackerel.
  • Cod.
  • Herring.
  • Lake trout.
  • Canned, light tuna.

Is fish good for weight loss? ›

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the American Heart Association (AHA) recommend eating two servings of fish each week for better health. According to the AHA, fish is a great option for weight loss because it's low in calories yet high in protein.


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